Ziggi Papers exclusive collaboration with The Niagara Herbalist

Ziggi Papers enters North American market in

exclusive collaboration with The Niagara Herbalist

Local & Green rolling papers in collaboration with Ziggi Papers.


Four variations of papers are currently available:

URS 1 ¼ Slim + Tips

URS King Slim + Tips

Classic King Slim + Tips

 Slim Roll + Tips


Who are Ziggi Papers?

Ziggi Papers have been producing high grade rolling equipment since 1991.

All Ziggi Papers products are consciously crafted and manufactured at the foothills of The Julian Alps in Slovenia, EU using locally sourced recycled materials and the finest ingredients. Their policies on product development and innovation are hyper-focused on functionality, quality and positive user experience and are adapted according to the needs of the most demanding consumers and are therefore, of the utmost quality.

The Ziggi Papers core mission is to provide the highest standard of quality designed products while sending positive vibes to the planet. Ziggi Papers is very excited and proud to be working with The Niagara Herbalist team, on their Ziggi Custom collab. line of rolling paper products and hope you all enjoy them responsibly.

The Ziggi Papers brand product line will be rolling out to select retailers throughout Canada + the US, Spring 2020. Stay tuned for details….


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Who are The Niagara Herbalist?

The Niagara Herbalist is a family owned and operated recreational cannabis store based in St. Catharines, Ontario. They were the first legal store to open in the Niagara Region and were among only ten that opened on April 1st, 2019 in Ontario. At the store you can expect a warm and comfortable environment, with a wide range of high quality cannabis products and accessories.

They care about, and understand the needs of the Niagara Region and are working hard to meet the demand and to make legal cannabis accessible to all.


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