What is your refund policy?

For products containing cannabis; Unopened

A full refund will be issued providing the excise stamp and seal has not be broken or tampered with and the product must be returned to store within 14 days.

For products containing cannabis; Opened

If you unsatisfied with your product after opening it then please do the following:
1) DO NOT consume the cannabis.
2) Complete a product complaint form at the store or send us an email with the brand, strain, weight, lot number and complaint. Set the cannabis aside.
3) We will reach out directly to the OCS to request a refund from the Licensed Producer.
4) Within 14 days we will receive a answer to the refund request.

Paraphernalia must be returned unopened and unused within 14 days for a full refund. Rolling Papers are final sale.

IMPORTANT: The Niagara Herbalist does not directly produce any cannabis products; all the cannabis products we carry are procured from Licensed Producers, each of which is licensed by Health Canada. As such, The Niagara Herbalist cannot directly warrant any products. Individual product warranty details may be included within the product’s packaging or available on the manufacturer’s/supplier’s website.