Cannabis Packaging Buy-Back Program

We are delighted to announce that we have launched a retail cannabis packaging buy-back program. At The Niagara Herbalist, we care about our people, our community and our planet. We’re trying to do our bit by offering this service.

How does it work?

Step 1: Gather and empty your old cannabis containers

Step 2: Bring them to The Niagara Herbalist

Step 3: We buy them back for 5¢ or 10¢ depending on the type

Step 4: Enjoy the feeling knowing that your old cannabis containers are being sorted and then recycled, re-purposed or disposed of.


Do you accept containers bought from other cannabis retail stores?
Yes. We accept products bought from licensed retailers.

What packaging do you take?
Plastic Containers = 5¢
Pre-Roll Packaging = 5¢
Glass Jars = 10¢
Vapes (packaging only) = 5¢
Glass Bottles = 10¢
Cans = 5¢

What about other types of cannabis packaging?
At the moment, we cannot accept vapes, vape cartridges or PAX pods. Mylar bags are not recyclable, but we will take them off your hands if you have them.

Packaging Examples

Plastic Containers

Glass Containers

Vaporizer Packaging

Glass Bottles


Pre-Roll Packaging