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Introducing Voila!, a refreshingly crisp, quenchingly clean sparkling water that lifts you up and sets you free. Voila! sparkling waters are more than just a low-calorie alternative to sugary sodas and cloudy cold brews. They’re a healthy fizz with natural fruit flavors and a full spectrum cannabis twist. Voila! is

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Ritual Green

We are obsessed with consistency, potency and safety, and our pharmaceutical grow facility produces world-class results. We employ proprietary growing systems, strain development and technology. We use selective growing
and curing methods to produce superb craft cannabis,
right here in Nova Scotia – all of it produced to

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Violet Tourist

Violet Tourist is a craft grower, and the curators of the new age Mini J’s, classic Superflower and now introducing high powered infusions and concentrates.

Among the exploration, it was contemplated how to bring these rare strains to market in sizes grown to share. That is why VIOLET TOURIST offers

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