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Tasty’s Tropical Infused PR – 3 x

Tasty’s Tropical THC Infused Pre-Rolls offer an unbeatable combination of THC and taste without breaking the bank. Each pack offers pre-rolls, infused with ultra-powerful concentrate inputs for incredibly THC. With a tidal wave of tropical island flavours enhanced by botanical terpenes, Tropical THC Infused Pre-Rolls offer everything you crave at

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Sticky Greens Slime Drip 510 Battery

The Sticky Greens battery is push-button activated and includes three heat settings that allow you to fully control the flavour and amount of vapour during your session. Click the button twice to engage the pre-heat functionality to enhance your experience. The battery is rechargeable and includes a micro USB charger.

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Muskoka Grown Sugar Cookies

The new & improved Sugar Cookies features Pink Gas, coming from legacy Pink Kush lineage. This classic indica features loud kush aromas, blending funk, sugar and gas. Featuring a generous frosting of snow-white trichomes, these buds are dense, aromatic and highly potent. Always hang-dried & well-cured to deliver a premium

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Olli Chocolate Swirl 1:1 Marshmellow Square – 1 pack

Olli’s Chocolate Swirl 1:1 Marshmellow Square offers a combination of crunch, crispness, a creamy marshmallow flavour and a drizzle of chocolate. These delicious squares are made by binding natural rice cereal with creamy butter, white and dark chocolate. The Chocolate Swirl 1:1 Marshmellow Squares are made without gluten and are

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Jublee CBD CBD Banana & Chocolate Fruit Bites – 4 pack

Made without animal products or gluten, and no sugar added. The aromas of banana bread and chocolate dominate. We also perceive notes of vanilla reminiscent of a pastry shop. In the mouth, the brownie like texture gives way to notes of candied banana and chocolate. Jublee CBD is for consumers

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Indiva 1432 1:1 CBG/THC Milk Chocolate – 1 pack

Indiva 1432 chocolate is uniquely scored into pieces that are easy to break off, making dosing simple. Made with rich and delicious Callebaut chocolate sourced in Canada, each bite is creamy and smooth. This chocolate contains a 1:1 ratio of 10 mg of CBG and 10 mg of THC per

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